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Rev. Kevin R. Daugherty
Mission Developer / Pastor

Pastor Kevin is from Lincoln, Pennsylvania, and he serves as Mission Developer and Pastor of Unfailing Love.

Kevin was born and raised in the Elizabeth area. As a child, he was baptized in the Presbyterian Church, and he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and received a call to ministry as a teenager. Later, Kevin sought to become a minister within the Presbyterian tradition, but God had other plans for his ministry. In April 2013, Kevin was ordained as a minister within the Progressive Christian Alliance while co-leading a church planting initiative. From 2014-2017, he was active in the Mennonite Church as a pastoral student, intern, and mission work volunteer.

In June 2017, Kevin began planting Unfailing Love (an idea birthed in 2013) as a new ministry under the United Christian Church. Kevin later joined the Anthem Network as an ordained elder (pastor) in October 2017, and Unfailing Love formally became a mission of Anthem in February 2018. In addition, Kevin also serves as Abbot for Kindling Fires: An Anthem Eremitic Order (commissioned by Anthem in June 2018).

Like the Apostle Paul, Kevin is a tentmaker (bivocational pastor), which means that he ministers largely as a volunteer and has a secular job to support his ministry. Currently, Kevin works in retail in Elizabeth. In addition, Kevin is a contributing member and editor for Pentecostals & Charismatics for Peace & Justice.

Kevin can be contacted via Facebook, phone, and email:

Phone: 724-590-1393
Email: kdaugherty15@gmail.com